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Days of My Life: an Analysis of Online Visual Journaling
What is more interesting, however, is that she chooses to display her work online. This provides no problem for widespread viewers that have the facilities and resources to access the work. In this manner she is able to ensure that her work is not limited by geographical, and to an extent, cultural bounds.
I frequently research and monitor the propagation of the internet technologies around the globe. When I am creating a new work I am always conscious of the technical limitations. I try to make the work as accessible as possible to the international audience without compromising the quality; I test everything in multiple platforms for compatibility, write a code that is bug free & accessible by a universal common denominator, try to identify possible incompatible scenarios and create alternative options when possible.

It also provides Kouladjie with the ability to widely distribute her work without the barriers of a fine art gallery setting:

What brought me, or more like pushed me toward the web was my lack of communication with the world around me. I now feel that the whole word is my showcase, and there are no boundaries….I was looking for a format that I could freely experiment with minimal formal limitations.

The Internet also provides a wide media interface that allows her to experiment with various modes of visual communication – from looping animation to stills, movie clips, and sequential art. The liquid ability of the Internet provides an interface that can radiate complex formats or minimal qualities. Also fascinating is the stream-of-consciousness type of visual prose her work captures:

I am using web as a medium as well as a platform; the success of each project in my site depends in a measure on correct balance in every sense this medium - digital art/web site - has to offer. What I build is a collage or an assemblage of interrelated short art pieces that although seemingly detached from each other, in whole, express a complete thought or statement, my site remains in a ‘work in progress’.

There is no harnessing of one’s expression to a specific media and its qualities - for example, the unchangeable format of cinema, the lack of interactivity with film, or the stillness of pictures. With the Internet, the audience has some control in the process, at the very least the speed and direction of reading the work. They are also able to choose dates at their own digression, and so the use of click-through links provides a different experience for each viewer and further compliments each individual’s dissimilar definitions for the visuals.
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